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TruST25 Digital signature Authenticity with ST25 NFC/RFID tags

Published by: STMicroelectronics

Discover how NFC/RFID tags with an embedded digital signature eliminate the risk of counterfeit and gray market goods. Thanks to this cryptographic solution and a secure manufacturing environment, it is now possible to guarantee the integrity of products and authenticate their origin.
Supply chains inevitably face the risk of gray market distribution channels and counterfeit goods. The use of RFID/NFC tags is a widely used solution to counter these threats.
Before it reaches the end-customer, an RFID/NFC tag undergoes a rather long manufacturing process: from the silicon manufacturer to the inlay or raw material maker, then to the system integrator and finally to the end-product assembler. Each of these steps involve different companies, with all their associated logistics.
Counterfeiting may come up in each of these phases. And because business requires trust, a commercial delivery requires guarantees. How can you prove that a tag embeds the expected silicon with the expected quality? How can you prove that a tag is authentic? How can you prove that a product is legitimate?
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Published: October 27, 2020 Lang: ENG
Type: Whitepaper Length: 7 pages

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